The Project

As a final project for the course “Selfies, Social Movements, and Fake News: Media Anthropology Today,” students created social media accounts corresponding to different mythological creatures. Students interviewed a number of people concerning norms of use for several social media platforms, then considered characteristics of their chosen mythical creature to determine how they might use this platform within these norms (or outside of them). What YouTubers inspire the Prank Ghost? Does Bigfoot tag his location in photos? Does Zeus always swipe right? To find out, check out the links below:

Zeus on Tinder (Facebook Profile)

Tooth Fairy on LinkedIn / Email

Chad the Ghost on YouTube / Email

Donner & Blitzen’s Twitter / Email

Santa’s Facebook / Email

Dracula’s Soundcloud

Bigfoot’s Instagram

Nessie’s Tumblr


see the course syllabus and requirements for the mythical media project

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